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Arctic Nutrition and Møreforsking announces scientific collaboration


Arctic Nutrition and Møreforsking announces scientific collaboration   

– We are very excited to announce a scientific collaboration with Møreforsking. They have expertise in marine lipids and cell studies that are valuable to further develop our herring roe extract with scientific documentation, says Runhild Gammelsæter, Global Medical Director at Arctic Nutrition. 

Møreforsking Ålesund AS conducts basic and applied research for industrial and commercial development in the marine sector; both at the national and international levels. Located on the west coast of Norway, the research institute possesses decades of experience with interdisciplinary research on marine resources covering the full value chain from ocean to consumer with a focus on competence transfer to industry, local community and public administration in the Møre and Romsdal county.

– We are impressed by the pharmaceutical goals of Arctic Nutrition and look forward to contributing to their progress. It will be exciting to address research questions on omega 3 fatty acids and inflammation to support the development of Arctic Nutrition’s marine drug, says Møreforsking scientist Jennifer Mildenberger, who welcomed Arctic Nutrition’s scientific team at their laboratory in Ålesund this Thursday to kick-off the collaboration.

Arctic Nutrition share the ambition of creating value for the local community and the west coast region of Norway. The company head office is located just beside the waterfront of Ørstafjorden. The raw material, herring roe, is harvested just a few kilometers from the office.

“Collaborations between local scientific communtities are highly valuable to organizations based in the region and the surrounding community as a whole. We are proud to annouce the cooperation with Møreforsking and excited to see the results”, says Ole Arne Eiksund, CEO of Arctic Nutrition.

Dr. Jennfier Mildenberger at Møreforskning with Global Medical Director Dr. Runhild Gammelsæter in the laboratory in Ålesund.

Dr. Jennifer Mildenberger with Arctic Nutrition’s CTO Daniele Mancinelli and Scientist Federico Petrucelli.


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