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An important source of nutrients throughout generations


An important source of nutrients throughout generations

Norwegian spring-spawning herring has been a cornerstone of the Norwegian and European diet for several thousand years. A diet consisting of herring and potatoes was the most commonly eaten food for many Norwegians in the period after World War II. The unique composition of nutrients made this diet a base for the upbringing of generations of Norwegians.

Today the consumption of herring is significantly lower in Norway and the rest of Europe. Arctic Nutrition aims to preserve this part of Norwegian food history and the unique nutritional value of herring roe. Only the highest quality ingredients from this raw material are extracted to make the finished product, Romega®.

Locally sourced

The raw material, herring roe, is harvested just a few kilometers from Arctic Nutrition’s head office. The office is located just beside the waterfront of Ørstafjorden on the west coast of Norway. Today, the finished product is supplied as bulk oil/ powder, capsules/ tablets, and finished products all over the world.

Careful processing and quality control

 The extraction process has been developed in the laboratory in Ørsta. All batches of herring roe are carefully examined and tested by our team of experts.

The team is present at the fishery throughout the harvesting season to ensure that the quality of the herring roe is adequate. Through the process, samples are taken consistently to examine the size, color and water- and oil content.

During the harvesting season, we extract several hundred tons of herring roe which is frozen into blocks of 20 kilos which is stored locally. This is a very gentle process where we always ensure that the product is not in contact with oxygen or unnecessary heat.

The process is developed to create a finished product which is as fresh as possible. The finished product is being stored in barrels which are sent to the capsule manufacturer in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Herring roe is a unique resource and the nutrients are of great nutritional value. We are proud that herring roe is the main component of Romega®.


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