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Arctic Nutrition nominated for the prestigious SIVA-award


Arctic Nutrition nominated for the prestigious SIVA-award


SIVA – the company for industrial growth

SIVA is a company facilitating growth for Norwegian businesses. 

 “Innovation is necessary to overcome environmental challenges and to fulfill national and international goals. Environmentally sound solutions that are also sustainable businesses will drive the world forward without compromising value creation. The purpose of the SIVA Prize 2020 is to promote a business that has sustainably created growth”

The fifth year of the SIVA prize

The SIVA-prize is awarded for the fifth time this year. NCE Maritime Clean Tech won in 2016, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator in 2017, Brødrene Aa in 2018 and Hallingplast in 2019. 

This year SIVA received a total of 26 nominations. Arctic Nutrition AS was nominated by Martin Foldal from Sunnmøre Kulturnæringshage, and has been selected by SIVA as one of the finalists. 

The nominated businesses are evaluated on the following criteria

· Development of innovative products, services, production methods, processes and solutions contributing to reaching sustainability goals

· Establishment of culture for collaboration and knowledge-sharing

· Between industries

· Across geographical areas

· Challenging mindset

· Contributions to the growth of future-oriented industries

Generating change

Focusing on sustainability is more than being gentle towards the environment. It is also about having a long-term perspective on growth. Through innovative technology, Arctic Nutrition is utilizing a residual raw material for high-value products. This contributes to the growth and stimulation of a forward-looking industry centered on sustainable values.

It is inspiring to be recognized for the work that we do by SIVA. Working towards a more sustainable future is at the core of our business. 

Vote from 20th of April - 4th of May

The winner will be selected based on votes and an evaluation by a jury of experts. Votes can be received from 20th of April to the 4th of May and are open to all. 

We appreciate your vote if you believe Arctic Nutrition AS deserves to win.

Follow this link to give your vote:


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