An important source of nutrients throughout generations

Norwegian spring-spawning herring has been a cornerstone of the Norwegian and European diet for several thousand years. A diet consisting of herring and potatoes was the most commonly eaten food for many Norwegians in the period after World War II. The unique composition of nutrients made this diet a base for the upbringing of generations of Norwegians.

Herring roe treating psoriasis could create a new industry

Over 100.000 Norwegians are affected by psoriasis could get their everyday life improved significantly. The help comes from the sea and could create a new billion-dollar industry.

Herring for the Brain

Often viewed as inferior to salmon roe, herring roe may be the next breakthrough, writes Nadia Badarudin. We need good fats to nourish our brains. Good fats, Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to ensure that the brain and nervous system function at their optimum level.

Ensures Better Cooperation on Health Research

Research unit for health research makes collaboration between industry, health institutions, and the university easier. They have now signed their first cooperation agreement, with the Norwegian biotech company Arctic Nutrition.

What makes herring roe such a unique raw material? 

The Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring is the world’s largest herring biomass. Each year in February, the herring spawn and lay their herring roe or caviar in massive quantities, covering the entire seabed off the Møre coast with the next generation of Norwegian Herring. The total weight of the roe covering the seabed is three times as much as the weight of the entire Norwegian population¹. Only a small fraction of the herring eggs become mature fish. Many different species come to feed off the eggs and larvae, and seabirds feed on the fry and grown fish. The sea current flows as a gigantic river moving north along the coastline, carrying the herring larvae into the Barents Sea. In the Barents Sea, the herring larvae grow into small herring fish. When the herring reaches maturity at 3 to 4 years of age, it swims west again along the Norwegian coast to prepare for its first spawning cycle.
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